Before now, sharing ChatGPT conversations was cumbersome as the only options were to screenshot or copy and paste chats and conversations.

OpenAI announced a new ChatGPT feature called Shared Links, which lets you easily share your conversations and chats via social media, email, and other means. You can continue the conversation when you receive the shared link.

This feature is available to all users of the free and paid versions of ChatGPT. However, it’s currently limited to the ChatGPT website, though coming soon to the iOS app. So, how can you share your ChatGPT chat link?

How to share links to your ChatGPT chats

ChatGPT shared links allow users to share their conversations with AI-powered chatbots using a unique link. Here’s how to share links to your ChatGPT chats.

Here, you can preview the conversation snapshot before it is sent. You can edit the title of the conversation by clicking on the pencil beside the generated title.

You can also share the chat with your name by clicking the three dots and clicking Share Your Name, or you can share anonymously.

Click copy link, and viola! You can now share the chat link with friends, co-workers or associates.

Anyone with access to your shared link and ChatGPT account can continue the conversation and ask their follow-up questions. The conversation appears as a static webpage to people who don’t have an account, but they can still see the conversation between you and the AI chatbot.

Conversations that continue after the link is shared will not be automatically updated to the public link. So, if you want to share updated content, you must reshare the link.

How to delete and make your shared link inaccessible

In addition to sending links anonymously, you can delete shared links if you don’t want other people to open them anymore.

You have now made the link inaccessible to others. Since the shared link is public and the conversation can be continued, deleting it will not affect anyone with access to the link if they have continued the conversation on their ChatGPT account.

Share your ChatGPT conversations easily

By introducing share links, OpenAI has made it easier to share and collaborate on ChatGPT conversations. If you can’t access the feature, note that OpenAI is still rolling it out to all users, and will be made available to everyone on the web version.

The feature was first rolled out to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who get early access to new features. But does that mean subscribing is worth it?

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