In August 2022, Google released some much needed Gmail updates to the public. This includes a new Material U theme and the addition of Chat, Meet and Spaces to the Gmail sidebar. This made it easy to access all three services directly from the Gmail inbox. However, not everyone who uses Gmail uses Chat and Meet.

If this includes you, you may be wondering how to get rid of them. Thankfully, Google allows you to remove shortcuts from the sidebar with just a few clicks. Here, you’ll learn how to remove Chats and Meets from the Gmail sidebar, as well as how to restore them if you change your mind.

How to Remove Chat and Meet from the Gmail Sidebar

Removing Chats and Meets from the Gmail sidebar is easy and straightforward. If you’re missing the plain old Gmail sidebar, here’s how to bring it back by removing Chat and Meet.

When the page loads again, you’ll notice that both Google Chat and Google Meet are gone from the sidebar as well as the space.

Important Points to Note About Removing Chat and Meet from Gmail Sidebar

It’s important to note that removing Google Chat, Google Meet, and Spaces from the Gmail sidebar does not delete or uninstall them from Gmail or your Google Account. It simply removes them from sight, so you can use the freed up space for something else, like more inbox real estate.

Also, deleting Chats, Meets and Spaces will not affect their respective data, internal settings or user preferences in any way. You can easily pick up where you left off on any of these apps. Furthermore, you can always access these services as standalone services through their respective apps/websites.

For example, you can use Google Meet to create and record a meeting. More Gmail updates are being released, changing the way Gmail looks and works.

How to Restore Chat and Meet to the Gmail Sidebar

So, what if you regret your actions and want to undo the changes you made by removing Chat & Meet from the Gmail sidebar? Thankfully, removing Chat and Meet from the Gmail sidebar isn’t a permanent change, you can always go back to the previous settings.

You can change these settings as many times as you want. This can help spice things up in your inbox. And if your screen is feeling full, you can click the three-line hamburger menu in the top-left corner to collapse the side panel and expand the active window. Click on it again and the hidden panel pops up.

Gmail is the email service of choice for millions of people—and for good reason. It’s secure, easy-to-use, and offers lots of built-in tools for managing your inbox. Unfortunately, your inbox can still be a source of dread, especially when it’s disorganized and overflowing.

Are you spending too much time trying to get a handle on your inbox? If so, it’s time to do something about it. These 8 productivity-boosting Gmail hacks can help.

1. Use keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a computer user’s best friend, especially when it comes to freeing up your inbox. Gmail offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts for everything from quick navigation to email formatting.

When you’re ready to use your template, simply select Templates and then enter the template.

3. Mute Conversation

If you’re part of a long email thread that doesn’t belong to you anymore, you can just mute it. Muting keeps future replies to the thread out of your inbox. And you can still find your muted mail inside All Mail.

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