MWC 23 is just around the corner and smartphone brands are gearing up for the launch event of their latest handsets. One such brand is Honor, which is also presenting some great handsets at its Barcelona event.

You can learn about them at the Honor keynote that will take place during MWC 2023.

How to watch Honor’s MWC keynote

So, when and where will Honor officially launch its new smartphone? Well, MWC Barcelona, as we mentioned, is the destination for the official launch. This happens between 26 February to 2 March.

Honor plans to hold its personal keynote on February 27, 2023 at 1:30 PM (CET) (that’s 07:30 EST, and 12:30 GMT). But, you don’t have to actually be there to get the gossip. Obviously Honor is trying to deliver the news to attendees in person, but even if you’re not going to MWC 23, you can still watch Honor’s keynote via live stream online.

If you wish to watch online, you can do so through this Honor MWC 2023 live stream link.

What will Honor reveal at MWC?

There are usually multiple Honor releases at MWC. Last year, the brand released a new range of smartwatches and earbuds with the Honor Magic4 series (we awarded the Magic4 Pro our Best Smartphone of 2022).

Honor has a number of smartphones planned for an official launch at the 2023 iteration of Mobile World Congress, and we’re pretty excited to see them hit the stores and into the hands of the public, because Honor has some real treats in store.

First up is the Honor Vs. The handset is already available in China, but its western launch is yet to happen. This is the latest foldable phone from Honor and our first look at it shows just how awesome the handset really is. Featuring an innovative new hinge system along with stunning display and well-specified camera array, it’s ready to be a foldable for you to really take a look at (move Samsung aside).

We also have the brand new Honor Magic5 range. If previous experience is anything to go by, this means we’ll be getting a Pro and a Lite version of the Magic 5, and I’m incredibly excited to see what this new range brings to the table. The Magic 4 Pro didn’t impress us till the very end, so we can safely say that the Magic 5 range will blow our minds at MWC 2023.

Keep an eye on Honor’s latest gear

So, now you know what Honor is planning to launch, and when they plan to launch it, you can stay tuned and get the lowdown on Honor’s upcoming smartphones, and What are they going to bring to Honor’s fast-growing repertoire of premium handsets?

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