Electric vehicles are equipped with a number of features that make winter driving more enjoyable. For example, many EVs are also AWD, which means you can drive with confidence year-round.

But the fact that many electric vehicles are all-wheel drive doesn’t mean that a good set of winter tires won’t make a big difference when it comes time to go on an icy commute.

What do you mean by winter tyres?

Winter tires are specially made for better grip in winter time. This means that the tire is specially designed to handle harsh winter conditions, such as heavy snow and ice.

The material that comprises summer tires will inevitably harden and cause the tires to lose grip. Meanwhile, the tread compound of winter tires is specially formulated to stay nice and soft when the weather turns cold. This will help the tire retain grip in cold weather, something that summer tires will not be able to accomplish.

Winter tires reduce braking distance in cold weather and can help your vehicle grip snow better by packing snow into the deep grooves of the tread pattern. Snow packed into these grooves will stick to the snow on the ground and help increase overall traction.

Using a set of winter tires increases your safety in colder climates. So, even if you have one of the best EVs for winter driving, you can still benefit from proper winter rubber.

Does Your AWD EV Need Winter Tires?

AWD helps get your vehicle out of sticky situations in all weather conditions, but some things just can’t be fixed by all-wheel drive. For example, one of the biggest advantages of winter tires is that the compound doesn’t harden in the cold, and AWD does nothing to remedy this.

If your summer tire becomes brittle, grip will eventually decrease because the tire cannot conform and grip the irregularities in the road. EVs are also usually heavier than a normal car. Thus, reducing the braking distance is of utmost importance. Winter tires can help reduce a vehicle’s braking distance and improve grip on snow.

EV-specific winter tires are available, so if you’re shopping for a set of winter tires, it would be wise to investigate an option that’s designed with electric vehicles in mind.

Winter tires also have funky sipes (little lines cut into the tread pattern) that help the tire grip more effectively in icy conditions. Basically, even if your electric vehicle is equipped with all-wheel drive, like the awesome Rivian R1T, a good set of winter tires will help it perform better when the weather turns cold.

What about all-weather tyres?

All-season tires can be used year-round if the temperature is not too high. But, during snowy winters, a compromise is made with all-season tires. These tires combine design elements of summer tires with those of winter tires, but the compound will also begin to harden when the temperature drops drastically, and you’re left with all the disadvantages of a hard tire.

There is nothing better than a dedicated winter tire for icy conditions, especially if the winter tire is studded. Buying a dedicated set of tires for winter can be annoying, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you live somewhere that experiences inclement climates. , The most important factor to consider is the material of the tire and how it reacts to the intense cold it is subjected to in cold weather.

Again, all-season tires can certainly be used year-round in places that don’t experience drastic weather changes, but if you insist on keeping them in intense winter weather, a compromise, Be prepared to ride on rock-like compound.

This will compromise braking and performance. It doesn’t really matter if there is snow on the road because if it is cold enough, the tire will still feel stiff and lose its ability to perform as a tyre.

Yes, You Should Use Winter Tires With Your EV

Electric vehicles have many advantages over ICE cars, but grip and overall safety during winter driving are still at the mercy of proper tyres. Choosing the right winter tires for your EV will help keep you and other drivers safe during the colder months of the year.

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