If you’ve been dreaming of an electric bike but don’t want to give up your old bike, an ebike conversion kit could be the answer. The Switch kit lets you pump up your bike with a 250W front motor wheel, which can propel you to speeds of up to 20mph (32kph). Your mileage will vary, but under ideal conditions and with the largest power pack, you can get up to 20 miles (32 km).

Inspect the details to find out if this ebike conversion kit is the right choice for you.

what’s in the box

A universal switch kit consists of several parts. Our review sample arrived in two separate shipments, but your order should arrive in a single box. Here’s what you can expect to get.

Our kit included two power packs: the Switch Air and the Switch Max.

You can choose your wheel and power pack size during pre-order. While finalizing the order, you can add additional accessories.

Switch Kit vs Electric Bike: What’s the Difference

The biggest difference between a Switch kit and an electric bike is that you’ll need bike supplies for the former. This is great if you already have a nice bike, don’t have room for a second bike, or want to spend as little as possible. Even if you don’t have a bike yet, you can upgrade to a cheap single-speed and still save money on an ebike.

On the downside, the Switch Kit’s range is limited due to its low battery capacity. At 90Wh and 180Wh capacities, the AIR and MAX batteries have a range of up to 10 miles (16km) or 20 miles (32km), respectively. Regular ebikes have much larger batteries, and so have a range of between 30 and 100 miles (48 and 160 km).

However, larger batteries translate into more weight. If you frequently commute with your bike or drag it up and down stairs, a bulky ebike isn’t practical. With less than 7 pounds (3 kg) of extra weight and a removable power pack, the Switch Kit keeps you flexible. You can even take the smaller battery on the plane.

However, keep in mind that the Switch Kit Motor Wheel “only” has 250W of power. While this is similar to many ebikes available today, you can find models that go up to 1,000W. You’ll need more power if you have steep hills to climb or heavy loads to lift.

Finally, and possibly a deal breaker: You can’t just go out and buy a Switch kit. You will need to join a waiting list.

how to buy switch kit

The first Switch Kit was launched in 2017 as a crowdfunding campaign. The UK-based company has since maintained the crowdfunding mindset that they only produce enough units to supply demand. And that’s why you’ll have to wait before you can pre-order your kit.

Good thing Switch is promising a 50% discount for those who join the waitlist. However, since the product hasn’t hit the mainstream retail market yet, it’s unclear whether “full price” will ever apply.

To be notified of the next product drop, visit the Swytch homepage, enter your email address in the bottom left, and click the Join the Waitlist button. Alternatively, you can click on the Sign Up button in the top right of any page to bring up the sign-up form.

Now all you have to do is wait. Swytch is currently selling Batch 4 and 5 due for delivery in March or May/June 2023 respectively; The earlier batches have been sold out.

When your time comes, you’ll receive an email with an order link. You’ll be able to choose between a universal kit, which fits any bike, or a folding kit. You can also choose between AIR or Max Power Pack. If you own an older Switch kit, you can order an upgrade kit.

Later batches may come with a bigger discount. Regardless of the batch you choose, you will need to pay a deposit of around 40%. While your pre-order is fully refundable at any time prior to delivery, be aware that currency fluctuations may affect the refund amount.

Complete your order You will receive an invitation to the Order Portal when Swytch is ready to finalize your order. They will confirm the delivery details, wheel size and you can add accessories.

Paying the Balance Once you have completed your order, you will also need to pay the balance, which includes shipping. Also be prepared to pay local taxes when you receive your delivery.

While Switch covers import duties on all existing orders for certain countries including the UK, US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, you may still be responsible for local sales tax, VAT, or GST/PST/HST.

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