You’ve probably heard about some of the best Photoshop features introduced in 2022. Adobe is doing a lot this year, and Photoshop is just one of many programs getting tons of new features and updates. We’ve trimmed the fat and put together a list of the major Photoshop updates you might have missed.

With the introduction of AI, Photoshop now has smart tools to save you time and effort creating new images. Be ready for the ride, this journey is fun.

1. Photo Restoration Neural Filter

With the big introduction of AI into image editing software—Adobe uses its original Adobe Sensei—we’re now given filters that do more than ever. Although Photoshop introduced Neural Filters in 2019, it continues to bring out new stable and beta versions to aid your smart editing.

In 2022 came the photo restoration neural filter. Although in beta stages, it looks like it will become a permanent addition to the neural filter gallery. The filter does exactly what it says on the tin; You upload a vintage, torn, or worn-out photo and Filters touches up color, fills in cracks, and makes it look like new at the click of a button.

There are a few other neural filters you can try, including some from the Photoshop beta apps; They include a filter for adding smiles, a landscape mixer, color harmony (beta) and color transfer (beta).

2. Item Selection Tool Update

In October 2022, Photoshop released a successful update to the Object Selection Tool. The Object Selection Tool allows you to hover over different objects or subjects in the image and Photoshop adds a colored overlay to preview the selected area, which you can click to select.

The new Smart Selection means it’s easy to select and remove unwanted people in the background, areas for individual selections, or entire subjects. Just make sure the Object Finder checkbox at the top of the window is checked, and you’re good to go.

Using the Object Selection tool, you can select and mask your subject, or right-click and choose Content-Aware Fill. The update to the feature really adds an element of ease to the Photoshop selection workflow.

3. One-click delete and fill

Based on the Object Selection Tool update, you can use this to your advantage even further with the updated One-Click Delete and Fill feature.

If you have selected an object you want to delete, instead of going through menus and options, you can delete the object and fill it with a content-aware fill with just one click.

With the area selected, press Shift + Delete simultaneously to remove the originally selected area and replace it with a content-aware fill in one smooth motion. It makes spotting small distractions quick and easy.

While the feature may not be perfect, it is certainly faster than previous options. You can use the Clone Stamp Tool or the Patch Tool to fix any inconsistencies later.

4. Collaboration invitation for cloud documents

Digital collaboration is becoming easier and thus more popular within creative design. With the help of the cloud, inviting others to collaborate on projects together is now a simple process. Check out our top tips for a successful creative collaboration.

Photoshop’s October 2022 Update lets you invite others to edit while you work in the cloud. You can share the link with as many collaborators as you want, and you keep the management to yourself. Collaborators can work on the same document asynchronously in the cloud.

From your cloud-based document, select Share in the upper-right corner of the Photoshop window, and then you can add an e-mail address and an accompanying message for whoever you’re inviting. You have complete control over whether the recipient can comment, edit, or just view the document.

5. Share for review (beta)

As part of beta features of Photoshop, share for review feature in addition to invite for collaboration feature. You can find the Share for Review feature in three different places: under the Share button; Under File > Share for Review; Under Window > Comments.

Since this feature is still in beta mode, it may not be available to all or may not be found in all three locations.

This feature lets you share your design file with others, such as stakeholders, to get feedback. They do not have editing rights. Share for review generates a link to send, and allows recipients to comment on the design to help with constructive criticism.

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